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LifeBibleStudy Adults provides biblically-based, adult curricula that is simple to use and available in different study lengths. LifeBibleStudy offers real, applicable life lessons and explorations into God’s Word that will make discovering God’s promises a reality. Each study enables groups, large or small, to uncover a genuine understanding of God’s Word and how we all fit into God’s masterful plan.

What’s so great about LifeBibleStudy Adults? We offer the following:


Research-based studies- After reviewing research on adults and issues they face, we thoughtfully developed studies to meet their needs.

  • Relevant and engaging lessons- Lessons connect with students, lead learners to study Scripture, and challenge them to live differently.
  • Flexible teaching plans- Customizable plans account for any age, group number, and learning style.
  • Thorough study into the Word- We’ve brought a magnifying glass to Scripture, helping learners dig into God’s Truths.
  • Affirmation of the Eight Essential Truths- From Scripture, we have drawn eight Truths about God, which are applicable to daily living.


  • Access anytime, anywhere- Whether at home, work, or on the road, teachers have access 24/7.
  • Flexible scheduling- Set your own start date because our online system works around your schedule. Choose which lessons to skip, postpone, or delete.
  • Built-in communication- Communicate at once with one or all teachers in one simple step. Post upcoming events, announcements, or encouragement notes (only for 48-week or All Access participants.)
  • Class management- Update teacher info and communicate with substitute teachers.
  • Printable resources- We have resources such as maps, teaching plans, and activities to make planning a lesson even easier.


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