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Full-Year Studies

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52-Week Bible Studies (48 weeks + Seasonal/Holiday Lessons)

  • Bible2Life (Studies on the Four Essential Relationships found in the Bible: God’s Love for Us, Our Love for God, Our Love for Others, and God’s Love for the World + Seasonal/Holiday studies)


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This isn’t your typical Bible study material. What is distinctive about our studies?

  • We target the spiritual and developmental needs of students in these groups: Younger Students (middle school), Older Students (high school), and Students of All Ages (mixed audience).
  • We provide teaching plans for both Master Teacher and Interactive Classes.
  • We provide creative activities to engage learners in a variety of learning styles.
  • Beginning with the Bible2Life series, we provide a social media component to keep your students connected throughout the week.
  • We base our lessons on Eight Essential Truths of the Bible.

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