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Student Life Bible Study


Why StudentLifeBibleStudy?

StudentLifeBibleStudy was created in 2004, as a response to a burden to help teenagers know Christ through His Word by providing youth ministries with a biblically based curriculum following a strategic plan.


Here’s what we know:
- Students are developing their belief system.
- Students need help seeing how Scripture relates to their lives.
- Students need to internalize truth.
- Responsibility for spiritual development for students falls to family.


To meet these needs, we take your students on a journey through God’s Word in six years. Foundations, the first three years, is designed to give students a foundation for their beliefs as they grasp the big picture of God’s work in the world. Topix, the next three years, builds on the foundation and equips students to live the Christian life day-to-day by using studies consisting of 8 six-week sessions. Each lesson also includes a family devotional so families can reinforce what students are learning together.


What will your students learn from you? Every time you meet? For the next six years?

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